The audience waits in anticipation. The technology is ready, every performer at his place. The show begins.

Many performers, different areas. Time is tight. The budget has to be kept. The logistical challenge is huge. We have rehearsed intensively, nothing is left to chance.
And if something unexpected happens, we improvise quickly and cleverly.

As event director, I hold the reins in my hands. Backstage, onstage and front of house.

Confident, precise, responsible.

With full passion.

With a sure sense for maximum brand experience.

To create “Magic Moments”, I implement your wishes with artistic sensitivity, psychological sensibility and outstanding technical knowledge.

From over twenty years of experience, I know how great brand stagings succeed:
Through the almost symbiotic interaction of all puzzle pieces from music, media, light, sound, moderation, camera images, artists, speakers, stage design, kinetics and special effects. Embedded in dramaturgy and timing.

So that your brand gets a stage and everything is in flow – in every second.


Born: 1969 in Frankfurt a.M. Base: Munich/Schwabing Languages: German, English

Profession: international event director and managing director of PDT Regie GmbH

Career: high school diploma, radio education, production manager and technical director at Radio Gong in Munich, studies at the Bavarian Academy for Television, founding of the event agency “Music Company”, studio speaker, music expert & event manager.

Competences: Event direction, sequence direction, show production, conceptual and dramaturgical consulting, staging, stage management, speaker coaching, trade control & showcalling.

Also: passionate biker (bike & motorcycle) and music lover

I am your director for live events.

Our communication is at eye level. We are partners. People who trust each other.